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The Humiliatrix That Is Me

Look at all you sickening male losers gathering round to read my fantastic new blog. I am the divine goddess Serena and you are all dirt beneath my gorgeous thigh high leather boots. Now, sit up and read like a human being, pig boy, I’m going to tell you how incredible I am and what I’m going to do here.

And to all of you lovely ladies who may come across this – don’t lie, you know you get sick of how stupid men are sometimes. The difference between you and me is that I have no tolerance for it at all, and I don’t hold back when I feel like kicking a dumb dog down.

This is my male humiliation blog where I will be writing stories about how all you pathetic boys throw yourselves at my feet and how little I care. You’ll get to learn all about what it’s like to be a beautiful young humiliatrix who loves make men cry, and then loves to gossip about it publicly LOL

It never ceases to amaze me how low males will go just to get me to look at them. At least its always good for a laugh and thats why I’ve decided to create this online diary. I’m going to share stories of just how stupid the male population really is, how easy it is to manipulate, use and dominate them and of course my personal opinions on each and every crappy one of them.

Make sure to check my blog frequently for updates. I know you don’t want to miss a single humiliating story and who knows, maybe I will write one about you.

For all the other superior women – humiliatrix, dominatrix or just no shit takin modern feminist – if you have any stories you would like to share about pathetic male slaves, I would love to hear them and I may even post them to share with the rest of the world.

Check back soon!

Humiliatrix Serena