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Update on my chaste slaveboy

Well I promised everyone an update on my naughty slaveboy and oh how he has been suffering. Good! He deserves every bit of his chastity punishment. So I locked him up and let him just get used to it for the first night. He woke up in agnoizing pain considering that he already had blue balls when I locked it on him. That of course was nothing compared to what I did next. In the morning I woke him up wearing a very sexy outfit. A black leather corset dress that went just below my ass, fishnet stockings and black thigh high boots with a 4″ heel. I know what a sucker he is for sexy legs and boots too. The fucker started groaning in pain right away. I was kind enough to fix breakfast for him this morning… lukewarm oatmeal that he got to eat out of his dog bowl on the floor. No sitting at the table for him! Not for a long while. So he got down on all 4s and ate up every last drop… of course breakfast probably should have been called oatmeal surprise. Surprise I crushed 4 fucking viagra pills into your food… have a nice day!

After breakfast I had him get started on the housework while I watched some Tv. Of course I decide to watch some nasty dirty BDSM porn. I could see that after a while his face was turning red from frustration and pain. I decided to allow him to take a break from his housework, being the kind and generous mistress that I am. I tied him to a chair and forced him to watch porn for the next 6 hours. I wouldnt even let him get up to go to the bathroom. I told him if he had to go that badly he could piss all over himself… I don’t care. Of course if he did that he would be punished even more and he knew it. The agonizing screams from watching that much porn with that much viagra drove him crazy.

This was only stage 1 of his chastity punishment.

More male chastity stories to come.

Humiliatrix Serena


Cock in a cage

There is a cage for every cock, I always say. Its funny how unruly men suddenly learn to behave the moment they are locked in chastity. No matter what you do, when you don’t have 100% control of their cocks there is always going to be disobedience. Suddenly, when you slap a chastity belt on them they become docile little kittens. No grumbling, no fussing just good chaste boys.

I think its very important for us women to really remember this. I mean we keep learning the same lessons over and over again. Boys, left to their own devices, will be boys. If we want true service and obedience I think chastity is an essential component.

Last week, I caught one of my boys masturbating without permission. Oh sure the little bitch tried to fake it and denied it, but I am hardly an idiot and eventually he confessed and got severely punished. I also put his cb6000 back on. It made me question why I ever removed it. Well, he wore it for months, he was so well behaved and then he got an ingrown hair and I didn’t want to make things worse. Off it went and what was supposed to be a few days turned into a few months. Shortly after it was removed his behavior started to deteriorate, his attitude and obedience got worse with each day. I should have put the cock cage back on then, he was in serious need of chastity punishment but I was foolish and look where it got me. His little 4 inch dicklet trying to rub one off while pretending to be doing his chores!

Bad bad boy! I think another thing I need to work on is how needy boys get when they are kept in chastity. I mean I know a man supposedly thinks about sex every 5 minutes but I don’t need to hear about it. The constant whining, as if I don’t know that they are locked up. Yes, I fucking know… remember, I put you in the chastity belt? I have tried things like extending the time they are kept in chastity each time they whine about it but it doesnt help, they just find other ways to remind you about it. I think I am going to have to be pretty creative and find some other ways to punish them for wasting my time and irritating me. Obviously I will release you when I decide the time is right and I won’t forget you are locked up lol. How can I when I wear the key around my wrist? lol Thats just a lovely reminder of their painful situation. And yes, I am allowed to be cruel and sadistic and tease them about their little situation. They however are not allowed to bring it up.

Oh, and for the record. I am so pissed at this boy for trying to sneak an orgasm in and I don’t even know how many he may have been able to get away with without me knowing (he swears none but I know better) I think perhaps a year locked up would be appropriate… perhaps two. Hmmm two years in chastity… sounds good to me. I will keep you updated on his chastity punishment.

Obviously he needs more than just being locked up I think what he did demands a bit more than a severe case of blue balls. Perhaps some public humiliation… that’s always good for some fun and a few laughs. Nothing better than entertainment at a slaveboys expense lol. I will let you know what I decide to do next. I have a very naughty boy to punish.

’till next time…

Humiliatrix Serena