Humiliation of a slave

So last you heard of how I was torturing and humiliating my pathetic slave bitch and I mentioned I left his webcam on all night. Well he was on chat roulette and it seems that a stripper from a local strip club saw him and thought the whole thing was so funny she told some of her friends. I met with her and we decided that we should bring him to the club for a special night. So I sent him to the club packed with plenty of viagra and off he went into the champagne room. Several of the girls decided to tease him as they forced him to undress and they put him in a little slave girl costume. It was so funny. He was wearing this itty bitty bikini and his cage was very visible with a heavy collar around his neck and high heels. Then he was made to strip for the girls at the club and do some pole tricks. Then the girls made him call a humiliation phone sex number and tell the mistress everything that he is doing. He gave the phone to the strippers and the dominatrix told the girls things to do to humiliate him. They teased him by sitting on his lap and even pretending to want to suck his cock but they were unable to because of the cage… they put makeup on him, wrote humiliating things on his body and made sure he paid them a lot of money. He was hurting and totally humiliated in front of these hot girls but he knew as soon as I walked in trouble was going to start. I was plotting in another room with one of the strippers and once he was totally humiliated and dressed like a sissy whore I attached a leash to his collar, handcuffed his wrists behind his back and went up the street to a gay club with a few of the girls. I rented out a private room in the club, we brought the slave into the room and there was a chair waiting for him with a huge 12 inch dildo attached to it.

Stay tuned to hear what happens next.

Humiliatrix Serena


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