The ache of chastity vs. ballbusting

An update on my slaves chastity punishment.

The cock cage has been on my slave for quite a while now. The regular viagra training with orgasm denial has really taught the poor fucker a lesson. Of course lately he has been begging for release, talking about his blue balls and how nothing could possibly be worse than the pain he was experiencing right now. He also insisted that he would do anything, absolutely anything if I would allow him to cum. So I decided that stage 2 of his punishment was in order. Nothing a bit of brutal cbt can’t cure *evil grin*

Yesterday morning I woke him up with a swift kick in the stomach wearing my favorite ballbusting boots. Tight black leather boots that lace up to my knees with a sharp but sturdy 4″ stiletto heel. As he groaned I told him that if he is lucky today I might give him the opportunity to cum. Like a puppy dog his face perked up and suddenly it was as if I told him he won the lottery or something.

I took off his cage and told him to get on his knees and spread his legs apart. He was going to experience the cock and ball torture session of his life! I started by circling around him… I told him I wanted to hear him beg to cum. He started to whine and beg on command like a pathetic whore. I took care of it by swiftly kicking him in the balls 5 times in a row. At first he was shocked and then he simply doubled over in pain. I looked down at him on the ground and just spit right in his face.

You say you want to cum… prove it… if you are still begging to cum by the end of this session I will let you… of course by the time I am done with you, you will probably never cum again. Not because you will be locked up, although you will be but simply because you will be physically unable to cum. I laughed as I slammed my spiked heel right into his left testicle.

We continued for several hours. I forced him to stroke and edge over and over again and each time he got to the edge I would kick him in the balls the same number of minutes it took him to edge from the last one. So if it took him 20 minutes to edge the first time he got 20 kicks if it took him 5 minutes the next time he got 5 kicks etc. I created a mixture of cayenne pepper and cinnamon oil and forced him to rub it on his balls and then using sounds force it down his cock. The burning was incredible and the screams put a smile to my face.

I then forced him to go on webcam so a few of my friends could watch him as he tried to pee. It was so agonizing.

Then my friends and I took turns punishing and humiliating him. By the time I was done he was begging to never cum again just so I could make the pain stop.

When I finally tired of him I put a soap gag in his mouth, I gave him an ice cold enema and left his cock and balls covered in the cayenne concoction. I also decided to be nice and opened a can of cat food and dumped it on the floor. I kept him tied up and told him that when I came back in the morning there better not be a thing on the floor. I also left the webcam running all night so that anyone who wanted would be able to tune in and watch how he struggled, suffered and cried the entire night. Him eating that bar of soap was particularly amusing… especially since he knew that the floor had to be spotless when I returned.

Stay tuned for the next part of his punishment.

Till next time…

Humiliatrix Serena


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