Fetish Olympics

I know you have all been wondering where I have been this last week… well, your beloved humiliatrix has been watching the olympics along with the rest of the world lately… mostly the figure skating competition since I find it to be most entertaining and I have to say it has been. There is this skater, Johnny Weir, probably more well known as Johnny Queer who I swear is a distant cousin of Megan Fox! I mean that dark hair and those blue eyes and those long thin limbs. He is more feminine than the female skaters. I bet he probably wears panties underneath his crazy cute outfits! I mean I can totally see pink ruffled panties to go with that pink tassel he wore the other day! Frankly, I think some of those female skaters may have clits bigger than his small penis. I am sure its tiny, you don’t look that feminine with a bunch of testosterone surging through your system. Maybe he should compete with the women… after all, they decided that African runner was really part male, maybe he should be examined as well.

I mean he is just so fucking out there. I am just waiting for the day that he goes out there in a dress or bikini or something. This sissy has some serious issues lol. I wonder what he wears in day to day life. I can only imagine lol.

I think they need some type of fetish ice dancing segment for the perverts amongst us. I mean tall hot women clad in leather and latex with males on their knees crawling on the ice, or perhaps in little cages. I can think of so many wonderful ideas. Perhaps have the dominatrixes sitting on a throne with a whip forcing the males to do quad jumps and if they don’t they get whipped. Mmm we can even have our own BDSM fetish olympics! We could have naked men pull the women around on sleds in the snow. I can think of all types of fun events.

Tell me what you think of my idea. I would love to know. I am off to go watch the olympics tonight. Go Team USA!

Till next time…

Humiliatrix Serena


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