Never underestimate male stupidity

Men are so pathetic I just can’t stand it. So I am waiting for the train today and some guy walks up to me and

literally stands so close I can feel his breath on my body while he stares down at my feet. I step away and just

ignore it waiting for this train that seems to be taking forever today. So then he says hi… still not looking at

my fucking face so I step away from him and say my face is up here… what do you want? So he starts stuttering

about how beautiful I am and he was wondering if I needed any help cleaning my house or anything. I of course start

cracking up and tell him… first of all, who the fuck do you think you are even talking to me and why the hell

would you think that I would invite someone like you, a total stranger into my fucking house and allow your filthy

hands to touch my things. So this moron stutters saying ummm I can wash my hands if you like… I’m sorry and then

starts crying like a little baby. This guy is like 50 years old too. I mean how fucking pathetic can you get? Of

course I am sure a good dose of humiliation was able to help him right along with his day. Maybe I should have just

given him the number to a professional dominatrix or something. Nah… that would have been to kind for his sorry

ass. I doubt he would have been any good at cleaning anyway. At least he had the sense to not get on the train with

me. He just stood there crying on the platform while everyone laughed at him.

At least the rest of my day seems to be going well.

Humiliatrix Serena


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