Ballbusting – Tudor Style

So I have been on this Tudor kick lately… I am in the middle of Season 2 and I have to say Henry VIII must have had a really small penis.

Henry VIII wearing a codpiece

I mean really, he has to go around fucking all these women 6 wives and who knows how many mistresses to prove to himself that he is worth something. Thats probably why Anne didn’t really want him in the first place and they practically had to force her to be with him. There is a picture of him wearing a codpiece and from my understanding its supposed to look like an erect penis. Really? is that what it looks like erect??? I mean thats what, 4 inches? Who in their right mind thinks thats the size of a normal penis and would even want to go out showing it off! Just think of the humiliation he would have suffered if he wasnt the king! He was really lucky about that, otherwise I think anyone who saw him would have laughed at that small dick. The only thing that codpiece would be good for is a brutal cock and ball torture session. Who knows, perhaps thats what he is into. Maybe he didnt think he had a small dick, he just wanted to find women who wanted to torture his cock and balls with some extreme ballbusting. I have seen some of those pointy shoes they wore back then and I am pretty damn sure they would hurt like hell if someone kicked a guy in the balls with those. It also explains why he had to go through all those women… a good dominatrix is hard to find, even back then. I wonder if the small penis gene is still in the Royal family? Would be pretty tragic to be a king and have anything you want but know deep down in your heart that you will never be a real man and satisfy a woman.

Till next time…

Humiliatrix Serena


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