Itty Bitty Teenie Weenie

So I was out for my morning run this morning and I had some guy approach me and tell me I am hot. Okay, whatever, no shit… so I just say I know and continue my run. He starts to follow me, telling me how I need a real man to satisfy me and that I have never seen a real man… well up until I met him it seems. This moron is going on and on and I was ignoring him at first and then I kid you not… he pulled down his pants! Right there on the fucking sidewalk. So of course I have to take a look. Now first of all he has a raging hard on and is like 4 inches fully erect. Now I have seen a lot of things but this surprised even me. So I ask him what the fuck is that? he replies uhh my big hard cock, you know you want a piece of this. So I tell this freak exactly what I think of him and his tiny ass sissy dick. First of all, that is not a cock… maybe a cocklette but it needs a lot more growing to do before a real cock grows to fill those sissy panties you are wearing. I mean I my big toe is bigger than your little mr. stumpy down there.  Also, who the fuck do you think you are that you waltz up to me and even try to talk to me. I mean you are so far beneath me that you don’t even deserve to look at me let alone flash that disgusting, pathetic excuse for a dick in front of me. Not only that… but what the fuck is with your choice in underwear… I mean I know that regular mens underwear would be too big for you… you know with all that extra space where a cock belongs and all, but a thong? I mean really what kind of loser are you that you have to go around in sissy panties and then think some girl would really want to have anything to do with you. Maybe next time you should just go to Victorias Secret and shop their pink collection. I am sure you can find all kinds of appropriate panties that would fit your pathetic small penis perfectly.

What a way to start a day. Well hopefully the rest of my day goes better, I can only suffer so much stupidity before I fucking go insane.

And to all you losers reading this blog… keep your small dicks to yourself. No one wants to see them. In fact… do humanity a favor and go crawl into a cave somewhere and stay out of sight completely.

Yours Truely,

Humiliatrix Serena


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